1ic understands YOUR needs, which is why we are aptly called 1ic, because YOU are the 1 - i - c. 1ic believes that the client is the most important piece of the puzzle. It does not matter how good we are if we do not have any clients. So we exert every effort to ensure that everything we do is geared toward YOUR satisfaction.

1ic's philosophy revolves around four fundamental concepts: Cost, Speed, Quality, and Design.

1ic understands that cost is almost always one of YOUR utmost considerations. 1ic took it upon itself to bring YOUR costs down by embarking on the Big Idea project, which resulted in the Big Deal process. This allows 1ic to maintain an efficient working relationship with YOU, resulting in savings that are passed directly onto YOU.

1ic also understands that more often than not, YOUR requirement is usually one that is needed yesterday. Thanks to the Big Deal process, and YOUR understanding and cooperation, 1ic can deliver projects as committed, all the time.

1ic also understands that YOU expect quality through and through, which is exactly what 1ic delivers each and every time. Because of our Big Idea, we have more time to spend perfecting the quality and design of our work.

1ic also understands how important first impressions are to YOU. So development of impeccable design is always part of 1ic's agenda. These are always built from scratch and according to what suits YOU best.

So the end result is always something affordable, fast, high in quality, and visually stimulating. 

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