One Interactive Consulting (1ic) prides itself in being as flexible as possible when it comes to addressing YOUR requirements. 1ic provides a full suite of services to choose from, to satisfy a broad range of needs and then some. So YOU can elect to pick and choose only the services appropriate for YOU.


As One Interactive Consulting’s name connotes, consulting is our core service. 1ic can help identify and plan how to properly develop and deploy a project, from determination of the content structure to recommendation of a grammatical style, from the structure of the navigation to its flow based on the project's objectives, from the type of graphics to be used to its manner of execution, and anything else YOU might need to publish YOUR project with confidence. Selecting just this service is perfect if YOU already have a development team at YOUR disposal.


1ic can design your project from the ground up or customize predefined layouts, depending on YOUR need. Designing from the ground up is particularly important when establishing or reinforcing YOUR business’ corporate identity. Our artists have the eye to visually represent your objectives. While customizing predefined layouts are excellent for rapid deployment, as well as cost-effective.

1ic can program your project from the ground up or deploy it within an established platform.


If you have ready designs for your project, we can provide HTML and DHTML coding, java scripting, animation and programming, Macromedia Director programming, Relational Database Management Systems, and form-based CGI programming.

Hosting Services 

If you're looking for a home for your site, we have excellent hosting facilities at very competitive prices. Our server is located in the US. Ask us for our Hosting Documentation for further information.

Site Registration Services  

We have the capability to register your site with the majority of about 1,500 search engines available on the web today.

Domain Name Registration 

We provide you with the added convenience of being able to have your site registered through us. We can take all the necessary steps to register your site.

Printing Services  

As an added convenience, we provide printing services to compliment our digital development. Our printing services can be utilized to develop CD sleeves and jackets, brochures, posters, even streamers. Depending on the printing job, there may be a choice in the type of printing, from ink spray, to laser printing, to offset printing.

Copy Development

If you do not have the luxury of time to develop the contents for your website, there is no need to fret. We can refer you to copywriters whom we work with at nominal costs. The copywriters we work with are accustomed with copy development for interactive media. So you can be assured that the appropriate output will be produced.

Testing Services 

If you have a ready product that you would like tested for bugs, errors, and consistency, complete testing can be outsourced to us. With a specified test plan, we can satisfy many testing requirements and coordinate directly with the actual developers for the smoothest, most direct, and efficient way to rectify any findings.

CD Reproduction Services 

We can reproduce CD-ROMs for you, whether in small or large quantities. We can provide a full solution that takes care of all the innuendos of producing a commercially distributed CD-Rom, from CD replication or stamping, to insert design, development, and printing, to CD design development and printing, the entire spectrum.

These services can be customized to your exacting specifications. So you don't waste your time and money. You get exactly what you want, how you want it, and in the time that you need it.

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